Victoria Decks


Victoria decks by Strongback are amazing. Custom designed to suit your needs. At Stongback we use the best quality materials and install them with precision and care.

Some things to think about when planning your deck. how do you plan to use your deck? Are you going to use it to bbq? If so we find putting a small roof over your bbq area makes a huge difference, especially in the rainy season. I like to call that a grillzebo. Another thing to consider is your privacy. when you put a railing around your deck it doesn’t have to be see through, you can gain privacy by selecting what parts of railing you can see through.

Design with different materials. Its very fun to imagine outside of the box when it comes to the different effects you can create with different materials and blending them. Of course when it comes to decks, most think of wood. Cedar, spruce and pine are very popular however there are other woods out there that take things to the next level. Such as Ipe, also called brazilin walnut and Kayu batu which is a Philippine mahogany. Both these woods finish with a rich color and are so very hard that they resist denting.

Concrete, when we think of concrete often its about structure of a basement or foundation. But when you take concrete and integrate it into your design it gives  you a real feel of permanence and strength. This alone is not enough, mix a cedar or an exotic wood with some outdoor fabrics, like a lime green or an electric blue and you may have the most beautiful outdoor space on the island.

Colors, can be the most impactful in your design. Victoria decks can be stained any color in the world. While clear stains bring out the natural beauty of the wood, solid stains can help compliment your homes color. Sometimes a stark white accent  can lend itself to a more traditional Victorian feel with small variations of the primary colors ,(red, yellow and blue). While brown tones and black can give an entirely different affect.

Luckily over the years the most popular themes have been reproduced so that we no longer have to recreate the wheel. We need only to access the many pictures on the internet and figure out what we like for our home.

We hope this has been helpful and we look forward to building more Victoria decks, and to your project.